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SEO Case Study Strategy #1: Content

I have to apologize. Because I’m working on the business side of things, when I do get to write a case study it is kind of delayed. But this is one of many case studies so you can get more data from the different ones that we are going to do as well.

Because this case study blog post is delayed from when we built the website, the Hawaii Tree Service Company rankings are already almost on the the first page for the search term “hawaii tree services”. Check it out: (more…)

SEO Client Case Study: The Study Of SEO

SEO Client Case Study: The Study Of SEO

To train you on the basics of search engine optimization, also known as SEO, what better way than to educate by doing it ourselves? That’s exactly what we are going to do here.

What we will be doing in the coming weeks to a month or so is documenting a real live client of ours. We will be showing you the components and step-by-step processes of how we implement SEO.

Understand, there are a lot of SEO companies and “gurus” out there and they may have their own way of conducting SEO to their websites. Some techniques may work for them which is great. But what we do here is how we implement and approach SEO. And it’s been working well so far… There’s not only one recipe for baked cookies – we just like our recipe a whole lot better because it’s ooh so good!

Our case study will be on a Hawaii tree service company. The company’s domain is (more…)